Chairman: Victor Chouchkov Jr. (Bulgaria),
Members: Alexander Perkins, Irina Lindt, Ileana Pernes Danalache and Cigdem Sezgin.
„Golden Aphrodite“: “The Violin Player”, directed by Paavo Westerberg
Honourary Diploma to Boris Lukanov for his role in the film “Trevelling Cinema”
Best Actress Award to María León for her role in the film “Sin Fin”, directed by César Esteban Alenda and José Esteban Alenda
Best Actor Award to Maximilian Brückner for his role in the film “The Most Beautiful Couple”, directed by Sven Taddicken
Special Jury Award For Best Director to Sven Taddicken- director of the film “The Most Beautiful Couple”
Youth Competition Award to the film “Love, Boyden”, directed by Borislav Mihailovski
“Bitter Cup” Award of the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communications at the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”  to the documentary film “Theo’s Formula”, directed by Nikolai Vasilev
Critics’ Guild Award to the film “The Violin Player”, directed by Paavo Westerberg
Award of the Union of Bulgarian Film Makers to “The Perfect Ones”, directed by Kirill Pletnyov
Varna Municipality Award to “Travelling Cinema”, directed by Iliya Kostov

The prize for best script in the students’ workshop- a voucher for 100 lv. from Ciela Bookstore- was awarded to Denitsa Ruseva.


Chairman: Iglika Trifonova (Bulgaria) – director,
Members: Igor Kobileanski (Moldova) – director, Jesper Andersson (Denmark) – film expert at the Danish film institute, Prof. Dr. Kiril Razlogov (Russia) – film expert, program director of IFF Moscow, Csaba Fazekas (Hungary) – director,
„Golden Aphrodite“: „Az állampolgár/The citizen“ (Hungary), director Roland Vranik
Special award:  „Loneliness“ (Indonesia), director Yosep Anggi Noen
Award for best actor: Inanç Konukçu for his role in „Kasap havasi/Wedding dance“ (Turkey), director Çigdem Sezgin
Award for best actress: Rimma Zyubina for her role in „The Nest of the Turtledove“ (Ukraine), director Taras Tkachenko
The grand prix of the Youth jury:  „Nocturama“ (2016), dir. Bertrand Bonnello/ Nocturama (2016) dir. Bertrand Bonello
Special honors: „Victoria“ (2015) dir. Sebastian Schipper/ Victoria (2015) dir. Sebastian Schipper
Award „The bitter glass“: „Kasap havasi/Wedding dance”, Turkey, director Çigdem Sezgin
Award of the „Critic“ guild at the Bulgarian filmmakers union: „Reykjavik“, Iceland of the director Ásgrímur Sverrisson
Award of the Bulgarian filmmakers union: „Melancholy“, Iran, director Morteza Atashzamzam.
Audience award:  „Love and Other Catastrophes“, Denmark, director Sofie Stougaard
The Big Prize in the Youth Poster contest: Ilian Ivanov
The awards of guests and journalists: Albena Martinova and Ana – Mariya Ivanova.


Chairman of the jury: Alexander Kott (Russia) – director and screenwriter
Members: Ernestina Shinova (Bulgaria) – actress, Miguel Barros (Spain) – screenwriter and director, Michelangelo Messina (Italy) – producer, journalist, director of IFF in Ischia, Harutyun Khachatryan (Armenia) – director, screenwriter, president of IFF„Golden apricot“, Yerevan
„Golden Aphrodite“: „MUSTANG“ (France, Turkey, Germany), director Deniz Gamze Ergüven
Special award: Péter Gárdos for the directing of „Hajnali laz/Morning cold“ (Hungary, Israel, Sweden)
Award fot best actor: ION BESOIU in the role of the Colonel in „Bucharest non-stop“ (Romania), director Dan Chișu
Award for best actress is divided between two acting ensembles: Gergana Pletnyova and Silviya Petkova in „Noone“ (Bulgaria), director Andrey Andonov and Günes Sensoy, Doga Doguslu, Tugba Sunguroglu, Elit Iscan and Ilayda Akdogan in „MUSTANG“ (France, Turkey, Germany), director Deniz Gamze Ergüven
Honorary diploms: „Pro lyubov/For love“ (Russia), dir. Anna Melikyan and „Een dag in ‘t jaar/12 months in a day“ (the Netherlands), dir. Margot Schaap.
Award of the Bulgarian filmmakers union: Een dag in ‘t jaar/12 months in a day“ (the Netherlands) , dir. Margot Schaap
Award of the “Critic” guild at the Bulgarian filmmakers union: „Pro lyubov/For love“ (Russia), dir. Anna Melikyan
Award for film making „Bitter glass“: „INSIGHT“ of the director Alexander Kott
Awards in the Youth poster contest:
The grand prix through voting in Facebook: KATRILA ALEKSIEVA;
Guest and jury award: EMILIYA DZHAMBAZOVA;


Chairman: Prof. Lyubomri Halachev (Bulgaria);
Members: Syuzanna Harutyunyan (Armenia) – film critic, Alena Kozireva (Russia) – actress, Lavinia Şandru (Romania) – actress;
„Golden Aphrodite“: „Ispytanie/Test“ (Russia), director Alexander Kott
Special award: „Brides“ (Georgia, France), director Tinatin Kajrishvili
Award for best actor: not awarded
Award for best actress: Victoria Cocias for her role in „O poveste de dragoste, Lindenfeld/Love story, Lindenfeld“ (Romania, Germany)
A special diploma for a successful experiment in the field of the film form: „316“, dir. Payman Haghani, Iran
The award of the Bulgarian filmmakers union: „Os Maias“, Portugal, dir. Joao Botelho
Award of the „Critic“ guild at the Bulgarian filmmakers union: „Karatsi“, Bulgaria of the director Ivaylo Hristov
Award „Bitter Glass“: „Karatsi“, Bulgaria of the director Ivaylo Hristov
Special award of the National film center: „Eternal promise of love“, China.


Chairman of the Jury: Nana Jorjadze, Georgia – director
„Златната Афродита”: „Love steaks” (Germany), director Jakob Lass
Special award: „Laska je laska/Love is love” (Czech republic), director Milan Cieslar
Award for best actor : Marian Dziedziel for his role in „Piata pora roku/The fifth season of the year” (Poland)
Award for best actress: Melanie Doutey for her role in „Post partum” (Belgium)
Special award of the Festival and congress center – Varna: „O ouro do tempo/The price of time” (Spain), director Xavier Bermudez
Award of the Bulgarian filmmakers union: „Pecado fatal/Fatal sin” (Portugal), director Luis Diogo,
Award of the „Critic” guild at the Bulgarian filmmakers union: „Deja vu“ (Romania), director Dan Chișu
Award „The bitter glass”: „Deja vu” (Romania), director Dan Chișu


Chairman of the Jury: Rob Nilsson, USA
„Golden Aphrodite”: Tango Libre” – Belgium, France, Luxembourg, director Frederic Fonteyne
Special award for directing: „Nejem, nom, csajom/Our women“ – Hungary, director Peter Szajki
Award for best actor: to the prison team of Sergi Lopez, Francois Damiens and Jan Hammenecker in „Tango libre“
Award for best actress: to Julia Kijowska for „Milosc/Love“ – Poland
Scenario award: to Anne Paulicevich for „Tango libre“
Award for directing: to Marion Vernoux for „Les beaux jours/Bright days ahead“


Chairman of the Jury: Prof. Dr. Stanislav Semerdzhiev
„Golden Aphrodite”: „2 days” –Russia, director Avdotya Smirnova
Special award for directing: „Listy do M/Letters to Santa” – Poland, director Mitja Okorn
The special scenario award: „Elles/They” – France, Poland, Germany, directors Malgorzata Szumowska and Tine Byrckel
Award for best actor: Osman Sonant in „Yangin var/Fire” – Turkey
Award for best actress: Nina Hoss in „Barbara” – Germany.
Special award for the original visual image of the idea for a national unification through rediscovery of faith and spirituality: „Sunny/Slanchevo” – Bulgaria.


Chairman of the Jury: Ivan Pavlov
„Golden Aphrodite”: „About Elly” – Iran, director Asghar Farhadi
Special award: „Siyah beyaz” – Turkey, director Ahmet Boyacioglu
Award for best actor: Lambert Wilson in „Comme les autres/Like the others” – France
Award for best actress: Pilar Lopez in „Comme les autres/Like the others” – France


Chairman of the Jury: Beppe Cino /Italy/
„Golden Aphrodite”: „Cheraghi dar meh /a light in the dark” – Iran, director Panahbarkhoda Rezaee,
Special award: ex aequo to „Steps in the sand” – Bulgaria, director Ivaylo Hristov, and to „Ryabinovyy vals” – Russia, directors Aleksandr Smirnov and Alena Semenova,
Award for best actor: Michel Piccoli in „Sous les toits de Paris/Under the roofs of Paris” – France,
Award for best actress: Kaarina Hazard in „Postia pappi Jaakobille/Letters to father Jacob” – Finland.


Chairman of the Jury: Doroteya Toncheva
„Golden Aphrodite”: „Akharin malakeye zamin/The last queen on the Earth“ – Iran, director Mohammad Reza Arab,
Special award: „Prima primavera“ – Hungary, Bulgaria, UK, the Netherlands, director János Edelényi,
Award for best actor: Lars Eidinger in „Everyone else“, Germany,
Award for best actress: Vesela Kazakova in „Prima primavera“, Hungary, Bulgaria, UK, the Netherlands.


Chairman of the Jury: Ivan Nichev
„Golden Aphrodite”„Артистка“ – Русия, режисьор Станислав Говорухин
Special award: „Hindemit“, Bulgaria, director Andrey Slabakov
Award for best actor: Andreas Müller in „Sehnsucht“, Germany
Award for best actress: Hengameh Ghaziani in „As simple as that“, Iran


Chairman of the Jury: Aleksandar Tomov
„Golden Aphrodite”: „Wir werden uns wiederseh’n“ –Switzerland, Germany, directors Stefan Hillebrand and Oliver Paulus
Special award: „My little nothing”, Bulgaria, director Docho Bodzhakov
Award for best actor: Michel Blanc in „Je vous trouve très beau”, France
Award for best actress: Olivia Magnani in „Quell’ estate felice”, Italy


Chairman of the Jury: Maya Vaptsarova
„Golden Aphrodite”: „The namesake“ – USA, director Mira Nair
Special award: ex aequo of „Time for women”, Bulgaria, director Iliya Kostov, and „Wrozby kumaka”, Poland, director Robert Glinski
Award for best actor: Lyuben Chatalov in „Time for women”, Bulgaria
Award for best actress: Renata Litvinova in „It Doesn’t Hurt Me”, Russia, and Tanja Bošković in „Volim te najvise na svetu” , Serbia.


Chairman of the Jury: Rada Moskova
„Golden Aphrodite”: „Lady Z“ – Bulgaria, director Georgi Dyulgerov,
Special award: „Mix”, Hungary, director Steven Lovy
Award for best actor: Aleksandr Baluev in „Zakaz”, Russia
Award for best actress: Aneliya Garbova in „Lady Z”, Bulgaria


Chairman of the Jury: Bozhidar Manov
„Golden Aphrodite”: „HAZAN“ – Japan, director Shô Igarashi
Special award: „Come look at me”, Russia, directors Mikhail Agranovich and Oleg Yankovsky
Award for best actor: Robert Hunger-Bühler in „Casanova”, Germany
Award for best actress: Paraskeva Dzhukelova in „Burning out“, Bulgaria


Chairman of the Jury: Paraskeva Dzhukelova
„Golden Aphrodite”: „Pelíšky“ – Czech republic , director Jan Hřebejk
Special award: „Edna kaloria nezhnost“, Bulgaria, director Ivanka Grabcheva
Award for best actor: Dmitriy Lalenkov in „Shum vetra“, Ukraine
Award for best actress: Mari Törőcsik in „A Long Weekend in Pest and Buda“, Hungary


Chairman of the Jury: Lyudmil Staykov
„Golden Aphrodite”: „DARK BLUE WORLD“ – Czech republic, director Jan Svěrák
Special award: „Amelie”, France, director Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Award for best actor: not awarded
Award for best actress: Emily Woof in „Silent cry”, UK


Chairman of the Jury: Georgi Dyulgerov
„Golden Aphrodite”: „The Luzhin Defence“ – UK, France, director Marleen Gorris
Special award: „The devil’s tail”, Bulgaria, director Dimitar Petkov
Award for best actor: Matjaž Javšnik in „Zadnja vecerja“, Slovenia
Award for best actress: Demi Moore in „Passion of mind“, USA


Chairman of the Jury: Vera Naydenova
„Golden Aphrodite”: „27 Missing Kisses“ – Germany, France, Georgia, director Nana Jorjadze
Special award: „Kesher ir/Urban feel”, Israel
Actor awards of two acting duets: Rupert Everett and Asia Argento in „B. Monkey”, UK, and Nathalie Baye and Sergi Lopez in „Une liaison pornographique”, France


Chairman of the Jury: Rangel Valchanov
„Golden Aphrodite”: „Rossini“ – Germany, director Helmut Dietl
Special award: „She’s so lovely – USA, director Nick Cassavetes
Award for best actor: Jacques Gamblin, France, in „Au cœur du mensonge”
Award for best actress: Dina Korzun in „Strana gluhih”, Russia


Chairman of the Jury: André Ceuterick, Belgium
„Golden Aphrodite”: „Cold blooded“ – USA, director M. Wallace Wolodarsky
Special award: not awarded
Award for best actor: Jason Priestley in „Cold blooded”, USA
Award for best actress: Romane Bohringer in „The Apartment”, France


Chairman of the Jury: Nevena Kokanova
„Golden Aphrodite”: „Heads and tails“ – Russia, director Georgiy Daneliya
Special award: „Kolya” , Czech republic, director Jan Svěrák
Award for best actor: Lawrence Fishburne in „Othello”, UK
Award for best actress: Paraskeva Dzhukelova in „Sulamit”, Bulgaria


Chairman of the Jury: Charlotte Sieling, Denmark
„Golden Aphrodite”: „Dead man walking“ – USA, director Tim Robbins
Special award: „Leaving Las Vegas”, USA, director Mike Figgis
Award for best actor: Nicholas Cage in „Leaving Las Vegas”, USA
Award for best actress: Elisabeth Shue in „Leaving Las Vegas”, USA


Chairman of the Jury: Vasil Mihaylov
„Golden Aphrodite”: „Vse budet horosho“ – Russia, director Dmitriy Astrakhan
Special award: „Mrs Parker and the vicious circle”, USA, director Alan Rudolph
Award for best actor: Stefano Dionisi in „Farinelli”, Belgium, France, Italy
Award for best actress: Charlotte Sieling in „Elsker, elsker ikke”, Denmark


Chairman of the Jury: Elem Klimov, Russia
„Golden Aphrodite”: „What’s eating Gilbert Grape“ – USA, director Lasse Hallström
Special award: „Koziyat rog” – Bulgaria, director Nikolay Volev
Award for best actor: Ralph Fiennes in „Wuthering heights”, UK
Award for best actress: not awarded


Chairman of the Jury: Jean Roi, France
„Golden Aphrodite”: „Strictly ballroom“ –Australia, director Baz Luhrmann
Special award: „Winter tale” – France, director Eric Rohmer
Award for best actor: Max von Sydow in „The touch”, Poland
Award for best actress: Gong Li in „Ju Dou”, China