FIDELITY – ВЕРНОСТЬ – Russia, 2019, 82 min, Drama

Director: Nigina Sayfullaeva
Writers: Lyubov Mulmenko, Nigina Sayfullaeva
Cast: Evgeniya Gromova, Aleksandr Pal, Marina Vasileva, Aleksey Agranovich

At 30 Lena has done well in life. She works as an obstetrician-gynecologist. Colleagues respect her and happy patients thank her. Her personal life is also quite safe. Husband Sergei works as an actor in the theatre, takes good care of her, and does not have affairs. Yet they do not have sex.
At some point she starts noticing serious changes in her husband’s behavior. One day she reads one of his text messages, and she is convinced he is cheating on her. Instead of working this out with him, she cheats in revenge with little-known men. A whole new world unexpectedly opens up, full of passion and incredible emotions. But constant betrayal is becoming an integral part of her double life.

Awards and nominations:
Nika Awards 2020 – Nominee Nika Best Film Editing Vadim Krasnitsky, Best Actor Aleksandr Pal
Russian Guild of Film Critics 2020 – Nominee Best Actress – Evgeniya Gromova, Best Actor- Aleksandr Pal, Best Screenplay – Lyubov Mulmenko
Sochi Open Russian Film Festival 2019 – Winner Special Diploma of the Jury – Nigina Sayfullaeva, Nominee Grand Prize of the Festival Full-Length Film Nigina Sayfullaeva
Transilvania International Film Festival 2020 – Winner Best Performance Best Actress – Evgeniya Gromova,  Nominee Transilvania Trophy Best Film – Nigina Sayfullaeva


30 Aug 2021





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